My Disordered Eating Story and How I Restrain From Reverting Back

Many people, especially in the health-career field, have struggled with disordered eating. It comes in many different shapes and sizes. Some people struggle with anorexia, some with restrict-binge, some with just binge eating and many in between. In a world constantly judging a persons worth and placing them in certain “boxes” based on the way they look, it’s tough not to compare yourself and get pulled in to disordered eating.

As a dietitian, I myself have also struggled with disordered eating and although I have overcame many of these behaviors, I still have to give myself pep-talks to keep from reverting back. Continue reading “My Disordered Eating Story and How I Restrain From Reverting Back”

Blueberry + Banana Muffins

Growing up, my mom always cooked. I remember going out to restaurants and literally making myself think I was sick, just because it wasn’t my mother’s cooking. And honestly, when I think back, it’s not even the home-cooked dinners that I remember the most. It’s the weekend breakfasts! Every weekend, we woke up to a home-made breakfast. Whether it be pancakes, waffles, eggs and biscuits ‘n gravy or muffins. We always knew that weekends were for lazy mornings and good breakfasts with the family. Continue reading “Blueberry + Banana Muffins”

5 Reasons I Feel Happier and Healthier Being 15 Pounds Heavier

Hello friends!

I want to disclaim that this post is not what you may think. I am not saying to read this and then gain fifteen pounds to feel better. I am simply suggesting that creating a healthy relationship with food, moving your body only in ways that you enjoy and finding a love for your body- no matter the size – may result in a happier, healthier you! I want to point out unhealthy cycles that I once had to stay a certain size and weight that caused me to feel drained, stressed and uncomfortable. And I want to encourage anyone who is struggling with the same things to find a healthy place. Continue reading “5 Reasons I Feel Happier and Healthier Being 15 Pounds Heavier”

Clinical Rotation

Hey y’all! It’s been a bit since I finished my first clinical rotation, but I wanted to hop on here and give you guys an update on what I did! I got a lot of great responses from my last couple posts, so I will keep posting them! I think it’s nice for students to see what to expect once they get into their dietetic internship. 🙂

I have also made a lot of connections through my insta and I absolutely love it! I am actually getting coffee with another local intern who reached out today. So I encourage all of you guys to reach out if you have any questions or just want some advice on applying for an internship, what to expect, anything really!

Anyway, to get into the point of this post… my first clinical rotation! I was so anxious for this rotation because MNT has never been my strong suit. Now that I am through, I can honestly say it was not as hard as I expected and I learned SO much throughout my four weeks there. Continue reading “Clinical Rotation”