Clinical Rotation

Hey y’all! It’s been a bit since I finished my first clinical rotation, but I wanted to hop on here and give you guys an update on what I did! I got a lot of great responses from my last couple posts, so I will keep posting them! I think it’s nice for students to see what to expect once they get into their dietetic internship. 🙂

I have also made a lot of connections through my insta and I absolutely love it! I am actually getting coffee with another local intern who reached out today. So I encourage all of you guys to reach out if you have any questions or just want some advice on applying for an internship, what to expect, anything really!

Anyway, to get into the point of this post… my first clinical rotation! I was so anxious for this rotation because MNT has never been my strong suit. Now that I am through, I can honestly say it was not as hard as I expected and I learned SO much throughout my four weeks there. Continue reading “Clinical Rotation”

FNCE Recap

If you are a dietitian, dietetic intern, or a dietetic student, then I’m sure you have experienced FNCE. If you haven’t, you definitely need to at some point! This was my first time going and it was in Washington D.C., which was also a first for me. I got to go along with the five other interns in my DI and we had a blast! With all the great sessions, the freebies at the expo, and getting to explore DC, I wish I could replay it again.

Continue reading “FNCE Recap”

Day in the life recap: 1st rotation Foodservice

For those of you who are wondering what a dietetic internship consists of… whether it be a family member wanting to keep up, a dietetic student wondering what to expect, or just another dietetic intern wondering what others experience in their internship. I have compiled everything I’ve done the past five weeks in my first rotation and the internship as a whole.  Continue reading “Day in the life recap: 1st rotation Foodservice”

Rosemary chicken salad 

This is seriously the easiest recipe I’ve ever made. I always make the chicken up ahead of time during meal prep. So all I have to do is make my salad up, throw the chicken on, and head out the door! It takes less than five minutes to throw it all together and I never get tired of it.

This is a perfect meal for anyone who needs a quick, healthy lunch for work. 👍🏼  Continue reading “Rosemary chicken salad “