Day in the life recap: 1st rotation Foodservice

For those of you who are wondering what a dietetic internship consists of… whether it be a family member wanting to keep up, a dietetic student wondering what to expect, or just another dietetic intern wondering what others experience in their internship. I have compiled everything I’ve done the past five weeks in my first rotation and the internship as a whole. 

The way the internship is set up has a “class” on Monday where we go to different locations to hear lectures on various types of topics. So far we’ve learned about nutrition in the prevention and treatment of pressure injuries, diabetes (medical nutrition therapy for diabetes, medications and blood glucose monitoring, renal nutrition, Alzheimer’s, and dementia. Then once a month we have a graduate class that we go to that is about effective program management. Right now, we are writing a grant to go towards giving grocery store tours at a local Kroger and also do cooking classes with the dietetic students at the university. The rest of the course is done online with discussion boards and some homework on topics like SMART objectives and leadership.

Then, Tuesday through Friday I go to my rotation. My first rotation was foodservice and I was placed at a long-term care center. It also has a rehabilitation (health center), assisted living, and independent living. For each rotation we are given a set of objectives that need to be completed, some for a grade, some just for experience. I worked all the positions in the kitchen, from server to cook and during the five weeks had to complete my objectives. Some of my bigger objectives include placing food orders for the center, calculating costs of the food and water supply in case of an emergency, checking and recording temperatures, organizing and implementing a new cleaning assignment schedule, reviewing safety and sanitation of the center, calculating labor costs, assessing nourishments for the LTC patients, planning and executing a catered event, learning how to use a food expense report and documenting invoices, interviewing a prospective employee, and creating an employee schedule. My two biggest objectives were a case study and an in-service. I chose to do my case study over cleaning before and after the cleaning assignment schedule was implemented. Because of that, I chose to do my in-service over general cleaning and cleaning assignments to refresh them on what was expected.

Here are a few photos from my catering event! I made homemade chocolate bourbon pecan pie and they loved it!

Overall it was an amazing experience and even with all my experience in foodservice, I learned so much about what goes on as a dietary manager. Coming up this week, I have a presentation to give to a university class over the continuum of care in aging. Then on Tuesday I head out to my second rotation in clinical at a level 2 trauma center! EEEK! Wish me luck!

If you guys enjoyed this, leave me a comment so I know if I should continue to keep you guys updated on what goes on in the life of a dietetic intern 🙂 I know that the core of each DI is structured the same, but I think it’s neat to hear about the small differences and experiences that each one has.

Also, check my instagram out @thedieteticdiaries for more updates on all the fun of a DI!

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